Friday, July 31, 2015

New post "Amazing Places To Hide Your Valuables" has been published on Raz"s World

#1 Shower Tile Hiding!

#2 But The Vent Does Not Let In Any Air?!

#3 That Is The Biggest Car Key I Have Ever Seen!

#4 Hide Your Key In A Rock!

#5 Time Is Literally Valuable!

#6 Best Way To Sleep In A Mailroom!

#7 Hide Your Stuff Under Your Stairs!

#8 Hide Your Stuff In The Candle But Do Not Forget About It When You Light It!

#9 I Always Knew Deodorant Had More Than One Use!

#10 Hide The Little Things In Your Mouse!

#11 Great Place To Hide Your Data!

#12 I Am Going To Check Every Outlet I See from Now On!

#13 Because No One Will Check The Bathtub!

#14 No One Would Even Think There Is Room Under The Keys!

#15 A Fake Dress To Hide Your Goods!

#16 Just Put A Rug Over It And No One Will Know It Is A Trap Door!

#17 Great Place To Hide Your Mistress!


Amazing Places To Hide Your Valuables

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