Monday, July 20, 2015

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1. Ben Guggenheim

Ben Guggenheim

Would rather sink with the unsinkable ship than be saved.

2. Hitler’s Navy Nephew


Who would have thought Hitler had a US Navy nephew

3. How much is used for Nutella… again?

How much is used for Nutella... again?

4. Imaginary motorcycle

Imaginary motorcycle

5. Bruce is gay

Bruce is gay

6. Sun is white

Sun is white

We have been seeing the wrong thing. My childhood knowledge is broken.

7. No Country for Old Men or There Will be Blood

No Country for Old Men or There Will be Blood

8. Oh! Bill Murray

Oh! Bill Murray

9. Comcast after Hurricane Ike

Comcast after Hurricane Ike

10. Shades of green

Shades of green

11. Prince on Radiohead’s Creep

Prince on Radiohead

12. This is too desperate

This is too desperate

13. So that’s why.

So that

14. April Fool’s Day

April Fool

15. Professor X

Professor X

16. Korean War?

Korean War?

17. Jewish Avengers

Jewish Avengers

Who would have thought the original Avengers were Jewish.

18. Magic handshake

Magic handshake

This is too brutal

19. You are blessed Pres. Johnson

You are blessed Pres. Johnson

Pres. Johnson is blessed and is proud of it… Good man.

20. Star Wars prequel marathon

Star Wars prequel marathon

This guy did it.

21. True. Smart answer.

True. Smart answer.

22. Last child alive

Last child alive

23. Guess money isn’t everything

Guess money isn

24. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

25. It’s like apple candy… but no apple


26. Attack of the tank

Attack of the tank

Is he drunk?

27. It’s not about censorhip


28. The Golden Cow

The Golden Cow

You can have a year’s supply of milk with this cow alone.

29. Italian noodles

Italian noodles

30. Don’t piss on my rug


31. Captain Planet fights HIV

Captain Planet fights HIV

Well, this is a first. Injecting current events on cartoons has been already started ever since this guy.

32. Stomach brewed beer

Stomach brewed beer

Try filtering the beer first before drinking.

33. Now you see me

Now you see me

Nice to know they’re doing it themselves and not stuntmen/women.

34. Cannibalism 42,000 years ago

Cannibalism 42,000 years ago

34 Real Facts Of People Bet You Didn"t Know

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